Pilot 2

    location: Moscow, Russia

    program: concept master plan proposal for a new residential area with 3.636 apartments and services on a 20 ha area

    dates: 2012

    data: total built area 360.000 m2 

    master plan architect: waltritsch a+u, Arch. Dimitri Waltritsch Trieste, Italy 

    special consultant for master plan strategies and typological research:Thomas Bisiani special consultant for master plan strategies and sustainable development: Piero Ongaro

    team: Dimitri Waltritsch with Ilaria Sagrati, Alice Covatta, paolo Cerioni, Matija Luk, Igor Kušeta, Giuseppe Musmeci, Katia Cescon, Cristina Malalan, Marta Kops, Kataryzna Koza, Aleksandra Stanek

    The project is part of a multiple proposal strategy for the development of a large area in the Skhodnya District in Moscow for a private company specialized in high rise buildings. The area is surrounded by a beautiful forest, and has its main access on the south side. The project divides the area into three recognizable parts, each with its own character, but with a main event, a central park, right in the middle of the area. Each of the three segments can also reach the forest directly. The south portion takes the form of a block, open towards the forest on the north; the central area is composed by three groups of towers on a parking podium gathered around the central park facility. The north development finally, is completely surrounded by the forest, and count three Y shaped towers with a parking podium at their foot. The overall height of the buildings goes from 8 to 25 floors.

    Images and text © D. Waltritsch. Use only by permission.