Rive masterplan

    location: Rive - Trieste, Italy

    program: detailed masterplan proposal for the infrastructural and architectural reorganization of the waterfront and for several selected areas

    dates: 2001

    data: 2 km long waterfront system

    masterplan architect: waltritsch a+u, Arch. Dimitri Waltritsch Trieste, Italy
    in partnership with Frits van Dongen / de Architecten Cie., Pietro Celli, Ton Schaap
    team: Dimitri Waltritsch with Ileana Toscano, Guido Bastiani, David Milano, Lorenzo Pillan, Ariella Valente. Ermanno Simonati special consultant.

    This detailed masterplan comprises a plan to reorganize the whole traffic system of the waterfront, as well as architectural prescriptions for several selected spots of interest. A new boulevard will define the water line of the city, transforming the actual parking lot situation into a real city front dedicated to the inhabitants of the city. Car parking will disappear from the surface and find room into three big underground dedicated facilities, returning the walk along the sea to the people. Moreover, under the main square the cars will be conveyed to a tunnel, connecting the main square directly to the Adriatic Sea. Large sidewalks will attract restaurants and cafes, while a reorganization of the marina will enhance the maritime tradition of the city. The canal grand area will be characterised by a new four bridge system at one end and by a fountain system integrated in the pavement at the other end. The maritime station building volume will be completed to improve the reception capacity. The former wine depot building will be completely restored and expanded, regaining the edge of the sea and a connection to the underground parking. A new five star hotel will be set right in the middle of the harbour, and integrated with an overlapping pool system, giving definition the south end at the Lanterna pier.

    Images and text © D. Waltritsch. Use only by permission.