Alumix masterplan

    location: Bolzano South - Bolzano, Italy

    program: detailed masterplan proposal for the refurbishment of the former Alumix and Magnesio industrial sites, conversion of several existing factory buildings and design of new buildings with research and development, workshop and exhibition function

    dates: 2008

    data: total built area 100.000 m2

    masterplan architect: waltritsch a+u, Arch. Dimitri Waltritsch Trieste, Italy
    in partnership with Frits van Dongen / de Architecten Cie., Favero & Milan Ingegneria

    team: Dimitri Waltritsch with Cecilia Morassi, Giulia Favi, Leonardo de Marchi

    The reconversion of former industrial and production sites is one of the main issues of the contemporary European city. Bolzano South is the main production area of the whole Adige Region. This detailed masterplan concernes two sites: the Alumix and the Magnesio. The Alumix site was dedicated to the Hydroelectric power production, and it’s still characterized by the presence of big abandoned power station buildings. Instead of demolishing them the project proposes to re-use them, exploring the great spatial possibilities and height of such structures. Having to house several machineries of big dimension of various size in its original use, those buildings are characterized by a solid concrete post-beam structure, and by the almost complete absence of traditional horizontal structures. This simple fact allow us to reorganize the interior according to the new requests eg. workshop units, exhibition space, lobby space and various services. Extraordinary heights or big size staircases will be visible to the outside through the original big window surfaces, while volumetric additions are limited to selected few elements like the bar or the auditorium. The masterplan gives also room to a big recreational outdoor space with a large size underground parking, as well as for several new buildings for the future expansion of the business. The Magnesio area has already gone an urban reconversion, and this project concerns one of the last empty spots. A large scale, 40.000m2 big building is planned as a structure bridging the existing road. Cars and trucks are allowed to reach the fourth level, which acts as a new urban floor. From this point three towers of different height will give room to different business activities of the region, establishing a long distance visual dialog with the territory.

    Images and text © D. Waltritsch. Use only by permission.