Delta Masterplan


    location: Rijeka - Croatia

    program: masterplan for the reconversion of a central area at the edge of the old town on an area of 22 ha ( 75.000 m2 of housing, 50.000m2 of commercial, 105.000m2 of public buildings, 35.000m2 undergriund parking garage, 5,5 ha public park, marina with 1.000 boat places).


    masterplan architect: waltritsch a+u, Arch. Dimitri Waltritsch, Trieste, Italy 

    in partenrship with Rndr Studio, Rijeka Projekt Koning, Kacic Liden Landscapes    


    This is a masterplan project for the port city of Rijeka. The masterplan aims to establish a new type of urban condition, allowing "green belts and blue waves" to interfere with each other and join together. The project proposes a global zoning divided into Delta North, Delta South and Porto Barross. At the same time the masterplan aims to establish continous flow, vibrant connection and even space narrative among different parts. The spine of the project is the Delta Promenade. This is an 800 meters long walk, strategically positioned at the Junction of the three parts of the area, colecting all positive influences from them as well as from the old city and the Susak hill. In the North part the Promenade merges with the public park. The Promenade takes the form of a large pier in the South side, with public buindings in the center of the pier. The program includes the new aquarium and the congress center linked to a new stunning five star hotel at the end. The first two are partially underground buildings, while the above the ground part takes the form of an ondulated landscape with tilted sloped roofs, accessible to the people along the South-North axis. The development ends with the "O", an icon Landmark, an "eye" placed directly into the water, allowing the public path of the Promenade to penetrate through it and phisically reach the out most point of the Promenade self, with fantastic views over the open sea. Bearing in mind the unique climatic conditions and incredible sail opportunities, the masterplan introduces on Delta South a marina as part of the new urban development. in order to avoid the well known segregating feeling of many such recreational areas, this development takes the form of large piers  on which public, residential and commercial development will take place. The boat places are therefore available for passionate of sailing as well as for new Delta residents, promoting a unique and undoubtedly charming new style of urban life.                                                       



    Images and text © D. Waltritsch. Use only by permission.