Provincial Media Library Ugo Casiraghi Gorizia

    location: Via Bombi, 7 - Gorizia, Italy

    program: mediatheque

    dates: project 2009, execution: 2010

    data: total built area 500 m2

    architect: waltritsch a+u, Arch. Dimitri Waltritsch Trieste, Italy
    structural engineer: Iztok Smotlak, Hvac: Elio Tommasini, electrical: Giorgio De Luca

    team: Dimitri Waltritsch with Federico Gori, Leonardo De Marchi, Cecilia Morassi

    main contractor façade: Seretti srl, San giorgio di Nogaro
    main contractor interior: SZ arredamenti, Cervignano

    photography: Marco Covi, Trieste

    The new Mediatheque is part of a larger complex named Casa del Cinema – Home of the Film, which includes the Kinemax multiplex, several associations dedicated to the cinema culture, the DAMS Cinema section of the Udine University, and finally the Mediatheque. One place, located between the city main square and the castle hill, which gathers commercial, cultural, educational and promotional activities dedicated to the film culture. This combination of different activities is obviously quite unique, and particularly important for the small city of Gorizia. The Mediatheque stands on the ground floor between the street and one internal passage, so it has two entrances, facing the city as well as the University. The simple plan layout divides the space into three main areas open to the public: the newspaper and magazines hall, the study space and the video room. Behind the reception and reference point, which is visually connected to both entrances, the are separated rooms as storage and one office. All spaces are bound by book and media shelves at full height. One shelve line is marked by a strong colour, different for every area, providing specific identity. The same coloured shelve line defines the glass facades as well, becoming a suspended communication vitrine, where you directly expose new arrivals, or organise a small exhibition directly facing the public street. The newspaper and magazine area have a custom designed star shape reading table and a cross shape information counter, and is thought for informal gathering. The tables in the study room can be reorganised in order to host reading evenings, presentations or public talks. Part of the project is the new façade on the public street as well. A series of coloured glass panels on the higher part of the facade are facing the built and natural context of the historical city heart. The dialogue with the surrounding buildings goes through the use of the typical colour palette of the building render, and the slight and not intrusive reflection of the surroundings provided by the coloured glass. This allows the context to be dilated into the Mediatheque building façade: a “form of transit” of the everyday life.

    Images and text © D. Waltritsch. Use only by permission.